Feb 1, 2014

whats new? makeup hual

    Hey fellow followers thanks for all the recent love on my instagram!
 I apologize for not posting recent stuff but i wanted to share some of my makeup hual here. 
 was so happy to see that my makeup arrived at the same time! i pretty much have everything by sugarpill besides some loose eyeshadow and their priceless necklaces and palette =[ but hopefully will have those in the future! i had to get their new recent false eyelashes they came out! im a sucker for crown looking false eyelashes haha.

So the photo below is my first time trying out lime crime. I have to say my review on them their my second favorite makeup brand. highly recommend for anyone who loves vibrant colors in their daily or glamorous makeup.thank you lime crime for being my new obsession. ;D i just even ordered more!

 Lime crime's D'lilac my favorite color is purple, so i was absolutely in love with their colored lipsticks <3 they actually smell nice to me. i can't stand bad smelling lipsticks and lipgloss.

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