Jul 3, 2013

IRON MAN MAKEUP with sugarpill cosmetics

started priming the eye i used urban decay primer potion "eden" in the tan tube.
put Goldilux all over the lid. i put some in the tear duct for highlight. next put @#$%! eyeshadow all in the crease & blended out to my eye so when i have my eyes open the red still pops out. Afterwards i applied asylum over that.also applied under the eye, blend those colors right in.
Lumi under the brow to highlight.
Maybelline eyestudio black gel liner with small angled brush applied on top of the lid and under the eye as close to your natural eyelashes are.
sugarpill Precious false eyelashes applied with duo
put Rimmel lip 024 red diva lip liner to line your lips and then applied nyx 513 red lipstick on & added Goldilux on the lips to get a bit of gold to match the eyes.