May 5, 2013

Baby Dewdrop

my small review on Sugarpill false eyelashes

I loved false eyelashes how they looked etc, but i always bouhgt the cheap ones you get around halloween time, or the ones you could get from wal-mart etc.
Never got into them until i bought a few From they are reasonable prices
i would recommend them to any of you who want to spice up your look with some flattering
eyelashes especially if you dislike your eyelashes. Sugarpill has me hooked since my first pair, they are easy to put on just remember to cut the outer of the eyelashes to fit to your lid.

What i used to make this look in the order i used.
-Primer potion from urban decay "eden"
-tako all over the lid
-Dollipop over the tako blend out
-went over the crease with poison plum just build up the color as you want
-used a Revlon liquid eyeliner to do the leopard
-urban decay 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner "bobby dazzle"
-sugarpill's baby dewdrop false eyelashes.
-Maybelline the rocket mascara