Apr 30, 2013

Lost in forever

after priming your eye
i just wanted to go for a colorful look this day
at first i started with

sugarpill's absinthe loose eyeshadow on the inner part of the eye
then with after party use your brush back and forth strokes to get a better blend
between colors don't be scared to touch it up if you think the shadows are too define
afterwards the outer used poison plum and put a piece of tape i
normally try to put it at the corner of my eye
then used bulletproof blend it in to the other colors if you need to touch up the poison plum don't worry just try not to put bulletproof over the purple so you can't really see it.

im obsessed with sugarpill's false eyelashes
so try them out youll love them if you wear false eyelashes
these i used were angel baby
if your tired of black eyelashes go for these
i love them how they pop colorful makeup