Apr 16, 2013

Disney:Cinderella with sugarpill & urban decay

Hello fellow stalkers =] if you haven't noticed i have changed my blog address please make sure you remember it. Also i hope you enjoy the new look of my  blog was tired of the bright white .Anyways i thought id start my own disney looks since everyone is doing them but you know everyone has their own style and touch of how they do their makeup.
UD=urban decay

So lets begin i primed my eyes with urban decay primer spread evenly around your eye and under the brow next just did the lid with SP tako
And then used  SP afterparty in the crease
used a piece of tape to get wing
Then i highlighted under my brow with UD Zephyr blend that right into the after party to get a great blend
After that i used a small brush to go under my eye with buttercupcake also from SP
used revlon liquid eyeliner marker to do top lid
then above that i used urban decay 54/7 water proof liquid eyeliner  great sparkle which i love
must try these
Lashes are spark from SP
filled in eyebrows ,foundation
and there ya go a great Cinderella look simple and yet so beautiful