Mar 8, 2013

Purple Bubble Goth

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makeupbee: Brittany K

well today's tutorial
first prime the eyes with whatever you got
i used urban decays eyeshadow primer potion
eden tube.

first color to apply is sugar pill's dollipop all over the lid. next i but a piece of tape to get the dramatic wing i normal put it towards corner of my eye. then applied poison plum all in the crease an out towards the tape blend it out how you want it just keep building up the color until you like it. then i used for my under brow highlight sugar pill's lumi . to get the perfect inner wing i used an angled brush after i used just a regular shadow brush to extend it in the inner tear duct. liquid Revlon black marker thin line on top as close as you can to your lashes. then i applied sugar pill's wonderful eyelashes i love these because their my favorite color purple =] after i did my brows
i used elmer's glue over the eyebrows and fillied them in with angled brush with poison plum again
after that that's pretty much it unless you wish to add gems i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did to flash of color instead of the traditional smokey eye and black looks.