Aug 24, 2012


  1. prime eyelids with your primer i used urban decay eyeshadow primer potion eden spread your primer all around your lid and under the brows and around eyes if your applying color underneath.
  2. take your shadow brush and take tako by Sugarpill all over the lid.
  3. take a angled brush and take poison plum in your crease to cut it just line it and just brush it out to blend that color out to do my cat wing i used my angled brush to get that perfect point. i also added the color under the eye to connect to the wing. you can either use tape if you need to or a card or some kind to do the wing or just capture the loose falling shadow.
  4. the other lid do the same thing but i used after party also from Sugarpill. cut the crease as step3. 
  5. for my highlight just take a blending brush and go from under the brows into the crease color to blend them into each other well. just back and forth strokes to blend girls.
  6. take your eyeliner and do the top of the lid as close as you can to your natural eyelashes. to take the shine away if any of you hate it like i do with liquid eyeliner. i just take my angled brush and take a black shadow just tap it over the liquid eyeliner and it makes it darker and less shiny.
  7. To get purple eyebrows! =] i use glue stick to push my eyebrows to my skin and to take the color better.then you just take your angled brush again and take poison plum by sugarpill again just fill in your natural brow and their you have it <3 purple eyebrows