May 21, 2012

Dark Shadows inspired look: Glamour Vampire

This look was inspired by the dark shadows movie i haven't watched it yet but excited to see how it turns out. no spoiler alerts please.

foundation Dream liquid mousse by maybelline
feeling mac blush on cheeks
 i primed my eye with Too faced shadow insurance its very sticky so i just used this all over the lid and a bit in the crease

Next you'll be applying A glittery color its called "Uzi" by Urban decay in the photo to your left.Apply this all over the lid where you applied the shadow insurance glitter glue it sticks very nicely compared to without the glue very nice for a glittery highlight if you don't want this dramatic glittery silver color.
So on to the next color in the crease i just bought sugar pill's "Bulletproof" black<3 favorite black to get the dramatic cat eye i used tape from the corner of my eye and just dapper that in the crease and blend it inward.

 For the red, i just used an angled brush and used Sugar Pill's "Love+" very close to the tip of your lid where you would put the eyeliner.if needed just add more the vibrant it will be.
 For my highlight i used "Virgin" from my Naked palette. 

i used my Revlon liquid eyeliner marker, i did a thin line compared to the red. if needed just redo the last step to get back
any color vibrant and blend.False eyelashes i used were Sugar Pill's very own "Stormy False eyelashes" applied with duo adhesive. stick them as close as you can to your real lashes but make sure you don't cover too much of the red.

and some red lipstick all for this look

tell me or show me your results <3