Apr 12, 2012

Baby Doll

First off i put foundation all over the face and on the lips to make them pale looking like the photo to the left.

for my cheeks i used Sugar-pill's poison plum with a blush brush and applied to hollow cheeks just apply more to get more of the purpler color you want.

Next primer all around your eyes i used Urban Decay Primer potion in the tan tube just dap a small drop of it and smear all around the eye evenly to get the coverage you want<3
Now your ready to apply the makeup this tutorial was requested by the Zombie Girls of Get Demented. shout out to all you=]

I used my shadow brush and applied Sugar-pill's Dollipop all over the lid like you also see in the photo to the left just up to the crease with the pink guys. Lined my crease with black i used H.I.P L'Oreal shadow duos platinum with an angled brush to get a define and not take away from the pink. use the tip of the brush to get the cat eye out and the sweep in the tear duct towards the nose. then just apply more and more then you can just use your blend brush to blend it out i used the shadow part of my blending brush to make the inner swoop.just go off your eye line things up how you want it.

Next i used Sugar-Pill's Afterparty blue used an angled brush to apply under the eye to connect with whats going on the lid. you can blend it out more if you just don't want a line.
Then applied some more black blend that into the blue and to your cat eye.

fill in your eyebrows with a brown if your brunette like me i used sexspresso in my two faced natural eye palette used angled brush with this too.

    i used false eyelashes in this one the exact ones in another tutorial with the gems on them just apply them as close as you can to your natural lashes either with your finger or tweezers apply to one side and wait a few seconds then apply the rest.

for the blood? i just used fake blood you can get from a Halloween store, you can use a sponge or hands to apply it all over or even your hands if you want. but does stain so be careful.