Jan 27, 2012


  1. primer eye lids with too faced shadow insurance glitter glue<3 its a great glitter bonding eyeshadow primer that works great <3 i would highly recommend it to anyone who uses glittery eyeshadow or glitter itself.
  2. my eyeshadow i applied all over the lid is called "Uzi" by urban decay <3 its a glittery silver very nice it also looks well with regular primer but its not as intense as with the glitter glue.so just take your brush and apply uzi all over the lid and a little bit in the crease
  3. next color will be using a crease brush and apply dollipop by sugarpill all in the crease and blend out to soften the edge 
  4. next i used the same crease brush and took from my naked palette "creep" its a black sparkly black just on the outer crease and just over the pink blend that in with your blending brush to soften and blend that how you like it.
  5. Highlights i used Virgin again from my naked palette under the brow with my blend brush and with my small brush applied in the tear duct as well. 
  6. Nyx fat marker eyeliner just apply top lid eyeliner flick at the end your like that more then just a line up there.
  7. nc30 mac studio tech foundation
  8. urban decay gilded bronzer on cheeks and around face. 
  9. mac tad saucy lipgloss