Dec 21, 2011

Naked look

 this is the palette im using for this look i would recommend it if you don't have it. i love the colors and always come out with a great nude look. it even comes with three cards with looks you can try out.
1} i put urban decay primer potion on first
2}applied nude beach all over the lid 
3}velvet revolver applied in the crease and soften the edge with your blend brush and out
4} my highlight under the brow i used Heaven 
5} nyx fat eyeliner marker on the top of your lid as close as you can to your lashes
6} applied adhesive on the back on my fake lashes and applied close to the lash line. trim if they don't fit right.
7} fill in eyebrows with sexspesso its the dark brown in the palette.
9} i used NC30 mac studio tech foundation all over face
10} i used urban baked bonzer gilded on cheeks and around face and neck
i'll post a photo of it or check it out looks great.
11}any pink or nude lipstick will do for this look