Dec 13, 2011


some of you seen this look on my personal facebook because haven't had the time to post but here it is and how i did it!

First step:[Optional]
I applied Urban decay Primer potion if you don't have this you could try without primer 
Take your brush and i took Mac's "Vanilla" for my tear duct highlight blend it out a bit.
Next i cleaned my brush and took Sugar pill's "Goldilux" and applied that all over the lid a little in the crease, this color is great its a rich gold i don't like gold much but when i got this sample i had to get the real thing and I've been using it a lot lately. could do a lot of looks with this color. 

 Also used  Sugar pill's "Buttercupcake" just right before the brown in the crease.
The brown i used was mac's "espresso" just take your brush and just take your strokes and dap that in your crease and go back and forth for blending that brown into all your colors simple. just practice is the key to getting good at makeup.
Back to the tutorial for my under brow highlight i used Sugarpill's "Lumi" just blend that in i love this blue shimmer it gives my man is crazy about it lol

For my eyeliner i used Revlon's liquid eyeliner marker its get. if you want two tricks to get the great flawless cat eye flick at the end of your lid maybe ill do a tutorial? if so just comment on the bottom the marker i used is good just take your time with it.
anyways just add some massacre and this is your look<3 
filled in eyebrows with Anastasia eye brow duo with an angled brush

Blush: mac's "feeling" with a big brush on the apple of your cheeks
some lipgloss if you want or lipstick with this look would look good

I'm so happy to see people i know and still chill with and some that i don't anymore start to get into their makeup
and its great to hear some of my friends say they get tricks from me <3 if your reading this i appreciate it=]