Dec 21, 2011

Blood and Chocolate

This look i had on my birthday sorry its taken so long to post anything new but here is new one! Please comment or become a follower if you like how i do makeup.
im hoping to maybe have time to make some videos instead of  just text and photos. what do you think? leave it in a comment 
well lets start so you can get this great look

1} i first put primer 
Urban decay primer potion

2} i took Sugar pill Love+ with my brush don't always take too much then you need just work up the color you don't want to get this red everywhere on smear just become steaks.=] put this color all over the lid. 

3} Used espresso From mac matte brown with my brush in the crease just blend it back and fourth and soften the edge. so its not so harsh.

4} now im ready for the highlights to bring out the colors. I used Mac's Vanilla under the brow and in the tear duct. just blend that in to bring colors together

5}Filled my eyebrows in with a dark brown or whatever your hair color is. =] 
use an angled brush and just go with your natural eyebrow to define everything.

6} the foundation i used was NC30 mac studio tech creamy great coverage.

7} blush "feeling" mac  

9} lipglosss or a nude lipstick would be good.
Unless if your looking for a red lip to go for a sexier look