Nov 4, 2011

Winter Glitter

HI there hers the NEW NEW one hope you like don't be scared to follow me or leave a comment<3
Eyes: Nyx's HD eyeshadow premier applied all over the lid and spread for an even coat you don't need too much. its kinda of a creamy premier. not as think as urban decays but still does a good job.
Take my brush and applied "Darling" all over the lid with a small brush to just shake off the excess shadow when you dip your brush in the loose eyeshadow. Then take your blend brush small side if you have a two sided one like mine. take "Royal Sugar" by Sugarpill all in your crease and move out with it just go back and forth with your strokes to blend out this loose powder apply more to get the most glitter in eyeshadow.
Used "Lumi" for my highlight again under the brows. But i did used "Vanilla" by mac instead of  Sugarpill's "Tako" white eyeshadow. blend everything into each other. i out darling under the eye as well

Use nyxs Fat marker to make a fine line on the top lid as close as you can to lashes.
Took Revlon's Beyond natural eyelashes applied with adhesive stick as close as you can to the lashes take each part of the lashes to make sure they are touching the lid and not your lashes, press harder for them to stick on.
Nyx's candy glitter liner close to the lashes out with a small cat eye for this glamours effect.

NC30 studio tech foundation
"Feeling" Mac blush
"Pretty Quick!" lipgloss by mac