Nov 14, 2011

Splash of color

as always i primer the eye with Urban decays eyeshadow primer potion spread for even coat and your ready to apply your eyeshadow with the most out of vibrant and very long lasting i must say then just applying eyeshadow without a base. from what i've learned its almost like painting a car, so anyways.

Take your regular brush you apply eyeshadow all over the eye i took "Dollipop" sugarpill product all over the lid except near the duct duct. then i took "Buttercupcake" another SP product put that all in my crease and go over the the pink a bit it gives off this orange color <3 if you can't get the right color you can apply any orange to get the most of what your looking for. Then i took "Afterparty" and put that in the tear-duct area and blend that into your other colors the blue and the yellow give this green color but to get more green i put "Sassy green" by mac there and blend that in. i took my angled brush and used and small brush side to apply "Poison plum underneath the eye from the end of the lid towards the tear-duct which i also applied afterparty there so just blend that purple into the blue=] i used my handy dandy nyx fat marker to line the top lid thin line or thick up to you i prefer a thin line and then applied the any fake eyelashes. as close to my natural eyelashes. with the adhesive if it comes with it or Duo

NC30 studio tech foundation all over

"feeling" Mac blush on the apples of the cheeks

"Tad saucy" mac lipgloss