Oct 16, 2011

Zombicon 2011

 Face: First i applied my normal foundation nc30 by mac all over. next i used hottopic's white powder all over my face. I took a blending brush and hallowed out my cheeks and underneath my eye i did put black on my ears and neck and collarbone to really give the dead effect. 

Eyes:  urban decay eyeshadow premier potion all around my eye for a base coat. i used sugarpill love+ all over the lid, use a small brush or blending brush which ever you prefer. then take stella by sugarpill or any black eyeshadow you have. Go all in the crease with a blending brush and go around i connected it to the bottom black to give the hallow eye effect. i used a little love+ too around the black under my eye to give kinda of a bruise look, blend that out how you like it. 
 i used lumi for a highlight under my brows and tako by Sugarpill with a small brush apply on tear-duct out to the the red and black and blend in. i used a nyx fat marker for the top of you lid get close as you can and an even line i always do a cat eye wing with almost every look i do cause it suites me. 

Brows:  Anastasia's brow powder duo  take angles brush and just fill your brow to give a darker defined look pluck any random hair outside eyebrow

Lips:  i used a nyx jumbo lip pencil for my lips after i applied love+ all over to stain my lips so later on it wouldn't really come off, i put red love+ under my lips to look like i have been eating some brains or people! hehe