Oct 30, 2011


1} Applied urban decays eyeshadow premier potion all over the lid and around eye if you are going to put eyeshadow all around your eyes.
2} I took my small brush and put it in L'Oreal H.I.P bright shadow duo"Showy" 224 on the left its a peacock shimmery blue color. put that on a quarter of the lid near tearduct only half. 
3} I took Darling by Sugarpill Cosmetics the rest of the lid, blend that in.
4} Took after party by Sugarpill put all in my crease and blend out, i also put sassy green by mac in the crease
5} took that H.I.P again and used the other side this time to darken afterparty its a matte dark blue only blended in at the outer corner 
6} took my brush and take Tako by Sugarpill as a highlight in the tear-duct blend out to other colors
7} Took lumi by Sugarpill for an under the brow highlight used a bigger brush for this.

I took Andrea Mod Lash Fake eyelashes and took duo eyelash adhesive and applied as close as i can to my lash and press down on them to make them stick right.

Nyx fat marker for top eyeliner only i used a urban decay eyeliner on bottom on waterline

face: Nc30 sutdio tech foundation
feeling blush by mac