Oct 12, 2011

Watermelon cupcake

Eyes:Urban Decay eyeshadow premier potion, all over the lid and smear all over the eye or lid. take a small brush and take Tako By: SP put that in your tear duct. then i took dollipop next to the white go out love that color its very bright pink,next i used a yellow by sugarpill called buttercupcake took my blending brush and went a little on the pink to make the orange color or if you have an orange you can put that there and blend into an yellow. i took absinthe next and went back and forth in my crease i never was a big green fan but since absinthe i can't stop using it<3 last i used lumi by SP under my brow for an amazing shimmer highlight.

Face:mac n30 studio tech foundation all over
feeling blush by mac

brows:Anastasia eyebrow powder duo