Oct 4, 2011

Poison Ivy Look with sugarpill cosmetics

eyeshadow premier by urban decay
absinthe,darling,buttercupcake,goldilux,lumi,stella,toko. all eyeshadows i used by urban decay.
i used mostly my blending brush and my small brush thats all you really need well me anyways!
i started off with the absinthe with a small brush all over the lid. Next get darling out and dab that on only half of the lid and blend into the absinthe<3, then i used a small brush to go in my crease start with a line where you want the shadow to go in your crease and work your way out, then i used my blending brush to dap a little stella and go over to make it darker. I used a small brush again to put buttercupcake under my waterline be careful not to get shadow in your eye it makes mine get all crazy and watery and ruins my makeup by the tear-duct i don't know if anyone has this problem lol. well anways i then put toko with my small brush in my tear-duct blending that with my blending brush to make everything look blended good.
take a big brush and dip it in lumi and spread under your brow and down to stella i love how lumi gives a blue shimmer to  color.

Face-NC30 mac studio tech foundation.
feeling mac blush

Lips: urban decay lip premier potion and appiled absinthe and darling to my lips to match my eye makeup. and then in the center i added goldilux to give a gold effect