Oct 10, 2011


Eyes: urban decay eyeshadow premier potion just a little bit then smear around the lid until it looks like a even coat, take your brush and dip into darling by SP apply all over the lid. take a small piece of tape and put on the bottom of your eye by your end of the lid to get an angle you want then take a blend brush and take your poison plum by SP  in your crease go back and forth and apply more if you want a deep purple.wipe brush and take your lumi and apply under brows for a blue shimmer white blend into the purple<3 next i took my small brush and took Toko by SP and put by my tear-duct not too much blend into the darling and poison plum to bring out your eyes more. then i used some tape to go a different angle and used dollipop by SP to make this v shape that i loved,last used a small brush and slightly swooped out towards the nose with afterparty by Sp.

I used my new obsession super fat eye marker by nyx apply close as you can on top of the lid i used it to make the dots going out.
if you wish to apply a pencil eyeliner on bottom go ahead, but i do have to say I think it looks way better with just the top of the lid done in eyeliner, sometimes black pencil smears and gets everywhere after going out in for a few hours give it a swing out. and then added a few dots on the sides.
lash blash cover girl massacre

face: nc30 mac studo tech foundation all over
feeling mac blush

nyx jumbo lip pencil 728 iris
Brows:Anastasia eyebrow duo