Oct 16, 2011

Darling Leopard

urban decay premier potion eden all over the eye its easy to spread around and it seems to work better for me then macs eyeshadow premier.
Take your brush and take Darling by Sugarpill Cosmetics. all over the eye go up a little in the crease. & take dollipop by Sugarpill blend into the darling in your crease to make the purple color in the crease blend out to the shape of your eye.  take vanilla to your tear-duct blend in to dollipop and darling. i put tako by sugarpill over vanilla to make it a little more white.
Next step i tool lumi by sugarpill also for an highlight take your blending brush and take a bit and shake off before applying it gets everywhere if you dont. blend black and forth.
Next i took my Nyx big fat marker and made little C circles all above my crease over the dollipop make different sizes if you can don't put them too close to each other until you get closer near your tear-duct. Last i took Nyx's candy glitter liner and filled in the leopard print to give it glittery look. so when the light hits it it shines out or you can use a bright color whatever you feel like <3

Face: NC 20 mac studio tech foundation all over the face go over any harsh lines 

Brows: Anastasia eyebrow powder duo