Oct 24, 2011

bubble goth

Eyes: i applied urban decay premier potion all over the lid and took a small piece of tape for both eyes to get the sharp angle i have off the eye.take your brush and use dollipop by sugarpill all over the lid go just about where your crease starts.then i took a angled brush and applied a line of black where my crease starts and over then took my blend brush and took carbon by mac to go above my line and blend out. wipe or use another medium brush to apply lumi for a highlight under the brow and down into the carbon to give this shimmering color over the carbon looks amazing with any color. i took the tape off at this point and apply with an angle brush again dollipop line to where the pink goes and under the black. after used a small brush to apply darling under the eye half of left side and did a faded line under the pink. wiped brush and took tako put tear-duct out under and over blend into other colors. then i applied tiara the tako to give a princess glitter shimmer in tear duct area.

face: NC30 mac studio tech foundation all over 
mac blush "feeling" on apples of the cheeks
NW25 studio finished concealer under the eye to get rid of dark circles

lash blash cover girl in pink bottle.
Revlon false eyelashes applied with  Revlon precision lash adhesive

Eyebrows: Anastasia eyebrow duo

Lips: mac lipgloss "tad saucy"