Jun 6, 2015

if anyone sees this

i want to say I'm so sorry, haven't been posting on here. i just didn't see much followers so i have just been posting on instagram if you want to follow me brutalbeautymua

Feb 6, 2015

Black and white dot cut crease

Used sugar pill take and bulletproof
you can use sealing gel with any white eyeshadow for the eyeliner.
False eyelashes are sugar pill
Hope you enjoy I love how it came out and my amazing bf giving me an idea with the dots.

Jan 14, 2015

negative space cut crease

eyeliner: nyx super skinny marker.   
Eyelashes: sugar pill Porcelain False Eyelashes

Oct 20, 2014

TNMBC nails

wanted to share my  lovely nails i got done in local walmart

Zombie 2014




Sugarpill  Toxic false eyelashes 

Vampire 2014

i am doing a halloween collab with someone but i thought i would post what i got so far 
here only on my blog.
 LLAMASQUA Sealing Gel

 & rouge red,blanc white,noir black from 12 flash color case.


sugarpill cateye faslse eyelashes.

Sep 16, 2014

Gothic Ariel

Primer First


Sugarpill/diamond eyes,bulletproof,poison plum
Limecrime "SERPENTINA" lipstick
used fortress false eyelashes

quill eyeliner

Sep 4, 2014

The simpsons-Marge inspired look

marge simpson look i used 
sugarpill buttercupcake & after party  on lid and crease.
to make the little bumps i used illamasqua sealing gel with after party with a tiny paint brush.
then over them i used glitter glue from two faced
applied royal sugar & HI-VIZ  on top.
and zephyr from urban decay as my under brow highlight.
under eye i had put midori

the simpsons smokey eye.

 My new the simpsons from mac 
i used harpooned heart for a under brow highlight.
sexy pb & j all over eye lid and under eye.
and vivacious vaccum cleaner bag in crease for a smokey eye look.
limecrime poisonberry on lip.

Aug 1, 2014

First time sugar skull

Hey fellow followers I know 8th been awhile been slacking on posting so here's little something I did today. This is my first time doing a sugar skull so bare with me.
I mostly used makeup forever 12 flash color case and sugarpill loose eyeshadow stella over the black

May 8, 2014

Dark horse inspired makeup with sugarpill

urban decay primer potion 
& after base colors used two faced glitter glue for glitter
flamepoint,poison plum, surpercharged,hysteric,goldilux
illamasqua sealing gel with carbon

limecrime D'lilac

 imperial false eyelashes - sugarpill

Apr 30, 2014

The nightmare before christmas makeup

diamond eyes,bulletproof,tako,buttercupcake

 quill,luna sea

illamasqua sealing gel

Apr 29, 2014

Pink Camo

dollipop,tako,bulletproof,diamond eyes
used Illamasqua sealing gel

requested by a close friend here is my version and first try with Illamasqua sealing gel
i hope you enjoy and come back for more 

Apr 14, 2014

Razakel - Cherry Red ispired makeup

this look was inspired by a idol of mine!
 She is known as Razakel a female rapper & her latest music video Cherry Red.

So here is what i used.
  • two faced -glitter glue 
  • uzi -urban decay 
  • disco ball -nyx glitter 
  • diamond eyes -sugarpill
  • mac blackground paint pot 
  • bulletproof -sugarpill 
  • lunar sea - lime crime eyeliner
  • quill - lime crime eyeliner 
  • white - nyx retractable eyeliner 
  • imperial false eyelashes - sugarpill

Apr 11, 2014

Rasta Girl 2

  Eyeshadows: Buttercupcake, @$%!, midori, Diamond eyes,
Sparkage on the eyebrows                           
Eyelashes:Fortress False Eyelashes

this look was inspired by Thecrystalcult.com rasta vape there it is above on the left.
   i have to say I'm in love with it. if your looking for a fancy girly vapes check them out
i bought just the vape and a E-liquid
Came with a case, extra gems just in case some fall off,charger

Apr 9, 2014

Blue Autism Awareness Day Makeup

Sugarpill/bulletproof,afterparty,diamond eyes
Lime crime/aquarius

lime crime lazuli,nyx white

sugarpill Imperial False Eyelashes

Apr 8, 2014

Purple Ombre

poison plum
diamond eyes

maybelline blackest black gel eyeliner

Idol False Eyelashes

LimeCrime D'lilac lipstick
& poison plum

Catching Fire

Hey followers im sorry i haven't updated this blog
here is my catching fire makeup

diamond eyes


Crystalline False Eyelashes from sugar pill 
i must say  i love these blinged out eyelashes makes me feel like a queen

Mar 12, 2014


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Girl on fire

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but forgot to post this. But sure of those who follow me on instagram or Facebook has seen this. 

Feb 24, 2014

Sugarpill sunset

Sugarpill:bulletproof,diamond eyes,dollipop,buttercupcake#poison plum,false eyelashes 

dinair air brush makeup 

 Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Feb 19, 2014

Sugarpills brushes :)

Sorry for the crappy mobile photo but I just recently got these brushes and I love them! Their sugarpill brand pink come with eyeliner brush,crease/blending brush,eyeshadow brush,lip brush.

Feb 4, 2014

2014 valentines look with sugarpill,limecrime!

Sugarpill/dollipop,bulletproof,@$%#!,heart stencil,false eyelashes
Urban decay/uzi under brow
Nyx/white jumbo eye pencil,whit retractable eyeliner
Mac/candy yum yum lipstick 
Limecrime/red velvet

Feb 1, 2014

you can call me queen b

 velvet revolver/twofaced, diamond eyes/sugarpill,al that glitters/mac
lipstick: red velvet lime crime
sugarpill idol false eyelashes

love the rain

darling,bulletproof,diamond eyes,goldiux
sugarpill's false drew drop eyelashes.
maybelline blackest black gel liner.


 used: bulletproof,midri,@#$%!,diamond eyes all sugarpill
nyx white eyeliner in the tear duct
maybelline blackest black gel liner 

whats new? makeup hual

    Hey fellow followers thanks for all the recent love on my instagram!
 I apologize for not posting recent stuff but i wanted to share some of my makeup hual here. 
 was so happy to see that my makeup arrived at the same time! i pretty much have everything by sugarpill besides some loose eyeshadow and their priceless necklaces and palette =[ but hopefully will have those in the future! i had to get their new recent false eyelashes they came out! im a sucker for crown looking false eyelashes haha.

So the photo below is my first time trying out lime crime. I have to say my review on them their my second favorite makeup brand. highly recommend for anyone who loves vibrant colors in their daily or glamorous makeup.thank you lime crime for being my new obsession. ;D i just even ordered more!

 Lime crime's D'lilac my favorite color is purple, so i was absolutely in love with their colored lipsticks <3 they actually smell nice to me. i can't stand bad smelling lipsticks and lipgloss.